So if anyone is anything like me they forget one little tiny detail about their life.


We have so much life ahead of us, the things we can do in our time in this world is unbelievable. I don’t know if anyone else does this but I like to make plans. That being said, little high school Claire made a plan of how her life was going to go. I was going to date a guy for 5 years and get married at 21. I would be going to med-school to become a doctor to cure chronic migraines that me and others that I know struggled with for years. I had it all figured out, that when I got to be around this age, I would have it all figured out. News flash: None of this is the reality of my life and none of it will be. Things change so much, the way we view life, plans and so much more.

Here is the issue, we get disappointed when our certain plans don’t go as planned. We look around and sometimes it seems that everyone else has it all figured it out and we are the only ones who have no clue where we are going or what we are doing with our lives. This is where we are very wrong. I would say that 5% (if even that) know exactly what they want where they will be and will actually do that. The rest of us, well we tend to compare ourselves to them.

We our own worst critics. We basically are setting ourselves up for failure when we do this whole his grass is greener comparison about our future. We create this picture perfect image of what life is going to be and when it doesn’t work out, we beat ourselves up about what we did wrong or what we could have done better and so on. Well I have news for you, every single one of us are going to fail. We actually will fail many of many times. The only way to reach success is by failure. And this is why failure is okay. Accept failure as an accomplishment, not a defeat.


Aren’t happy with your major? Change it. Want to travel? Do it. Want a new job? Go get one. Need to reevaluate the people in your life? Go for it. Surround yourself with positive people. Follow your heart and accomplish your dreams. We are young. We can do anything. We can change our minds. We can start over. I know there are many different circumstance but in general, you control the destiny of your own life, and you don’t have to have it all together today. Figure it out as you go. Live every day as your last. Because even though we are young, life is short. Make a list of things you want to accomplish and go for it. Make sure you remember that it is okay to mess up. You slept late and missed that Yoga class? Oh well, catch it next time. You didn’t accomplish everything you wanted in one day? Finish it tomorrow. Life is not supposed to be so structured and look like a picture perfect screen. The world is full of possibilities and little details. Focus on that. Stop beating yourself up over the things you didn’t do and start focusing on accomplishing the things in life you want to. Even if it is as small as stopping to smell a flower on the way to work. Stopping and noticing the littlest details can change your entire view for the day. So do what you want. Take control of your life and your happiness. Be an active decision maker in your life today.

We are Young & We are full of life.

Take advantage of that. 

**This blog post is going to be targeting 20-something year olds but even if you are older, most of what I said can apply to your life in some way shape or form.**