Time with people has always been a very precious thing for me but this summer has taught me how precious time with people really is. As my summer experience comes to an end, I realize that a lot of people are in the same boat. We are all about to part from Jackson and head all over the world. Realizing this made me realize how precious my time with these people really is. I had 3 short months with these people. Some I will see again and others I will probably never see or speak to again in my lifetime. It made me reevaluate my relationships with these people. Did I take advantage of every second I could with them? Did I really listen to and let their stories impact my life? Did I live a life full of following my heart and dreams that would make an impact on them? Did I do my part to make them feel special and loved? Did I follow my gut and go for anything I wanted at the time? My answers vary both yes and no. 

I realize how that time I had with these people is so precious, which then makes me think of the bigger picture. Every person we meet has an opportunity to make an impact on us, and as do we on them. This is a thought that is known by most but so easily forgotten.

We live in a world that is so fast pace. We are always in such a hurry to get from point A to B that we don’t even notice people anymore. Our lives have become so instant. We can have any information in an instant at our fingertips; we can get instant food without getting out of our car. We live in a world where minimal effort has to be put in. Since we live in this instant world, things can instantly change. We change plans in a second because we received a text. We blow people off because we receive a better offer. We forget how valuable peoples time is. People start to lose trust in other people because we cannot be reliable anymore. Commitment to plans is very unheard of these days. 

What if we took time to stop and talk to the homeless guy we see on our walk to work every morning? A cup of coffee or just taking a minute out of your day to acknowledge him and talk to him could have a bigger impact on his life then you could ever imagine. His stories will probably wreck your world also. Or what if we just say hello or smile when passing people walking down the hall or streets. What if people made an effort to step aside from their fast pace, instant lives and really focused on being relational. Really loving people and appreciating everyone for who they are and what they have to offer to this world. Buy someone a cup of coffee, go to a nursing home. Every person in this world has a story. We all have past hurts and future dreams. Obviously it is impossible to talk to every person we see each day but we can take small steps in being more relational and less focused on everything else. I believe that it only takes something as simple as a smile to impact peoples lives, imagine what we could do if we lived in a relational world. Where people genuinely loved other people. 

Appreciate the time you have with the people in your life. Put aside time in your busy schedules to sit down and talk. Learn everything you can from each other. Love each other. & Push each other to be the best possible versions of yourselves. Time with people is short. Appreciate it while you have it because you never know when that opportunity will be gone.